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The  White collection consists of 12 pen drawings on canvas. The theme of the collection originated from Socheat's interest and knowledge of philosophy, culture, art and history. In the introduction to the exhibition she wrote:

As humans we are born with  rights, well as limitations. But being human enables us to develop our lives with knowledge and virtue.

The lives and experiences of our ancestors are part of us. The present is the future of the past. All those legacies from our ancestors are important elements for current and future generations to study and relate to.

To know yourself, you need to know where you come from. Culture, religion, arts and education provide knowledge and keys to understanding but it is up to the individual how much we want to understand ourselves. Know about the past, understand the present, create and develop for the future.


The page Acharphay shows the first sculpture related to the White collection

Prints of all the artworks from the White exhibition are available. Contact

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