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At the joint exhibition together with the German artist Lars Breuer in August 2022. Socheat participated with the Nikakhit piece. Her intention was that this black and white painting was not just for ordinary viewing as an artwork, but also an opportunity to learn about the evolution of culture and civilisation over time.

The title and content of painting, nikakhit, is a word and grammar symbol from the Pali language. Nikakhit is written in Khmer as និគ្គហិត (the corresponding Sanskrit name is Anusvāra) and is the name of an identifier of a vowel nasalisation in Pali with the form of a zero, “o”.  It is written as an open circle above the consonant (for example កំ) and its pronunciation depends on the following sound. The action of this identifier therefore indicates and initiates a change from one object to another.
In this artwork the Nikakhit symbolises how a small thing can lead to big changes.

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